Chapter 22 - p.45

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This is Leonardo's trump card to convince Nobody that the curse was not a made up story.

In case you haven't noticed yet at this point, Leo's return into the story brings back with him lots of elements from the prologue to tie loose ends and advance the main storyline (the curse).
This is one of them.
There is a bit less character development as a result, but after all the stage is set, things will start moving again.

Also, I found out that I omitted Leonardo's second belt in most of the pages before this one.
It's a small detail, but it's certainly an inconsistency I could've avoided.

You can clearly see the difference between Nobody and the Foot ninjas here.
Small eyes vs bug-like huge eyes!

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Wed 02 October
by Tigerfog

Hey everyone.
I did some work for a TMNT flash game released on Nickelodeon's site.
It's a Halloween themed snake-like game!
Click here to play!

I did most of the art (to be specific, all except the gameover screen and the metallic fences around the cemeteries).
Yeah, Raph's a fairy, but it wasn't my call, hehehe. ;)



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