Hello everyone and welcome to the revived MNT Gaiden site! (Because the previous one was completely screwed up due to my own ignorance and stupidity when I deleted a folder on my FTP)

Instead of using comic CMS, I’ll be using WordPress with the plugin Comiceasel.

With a new CMS comes changes, for the better or the worst.
Here’s a rundown of what you should expect from the new site:

-Slightly slower loading time
-Cannot go directly to a specific page of a chapter

-A bookmark function (!!!)
-Prettier site (subjectively)
-Easier for me to update my site

My suggestion would be to bookmark the latest page available so that everytime I add more pages to the main story, all you need to do is return to your bookmark and read on.

I have absolutely no idea how the comment function works, so… please don’t use it for the time being. Or if your curiosity gets the better of you, don’t expect that function to work correctly. :\