Well. I had another artistic “burnout” lately… as in I drew so much with so little rest that inking even one character would make me rage quit immediately.
It was work stuff, not related to MNT Gaiden, or any other fanart.

The thing is, I left my company to join a new one, but I wanted to leave on a good note so I worked extra hard a few final tasks.
Those final tasks however, were so fun to do that I would bring work back home and keep drawing and coloring stuff till late every day for 2 weeks.
It didn’t occur to me that it sucked the inspiration out of me until I was finally done with it and moved on to a programming task.

My attempts at drawing during the last month usually ended with me thinking “screw this, I don’t feel like drawing at all!” and moving on to something else.
Like cleaning, doing the laundry, hitting the gym, going out with pals and visiting family.

I finally got back to drawing yesterday evening when I decided to face my demons and force myself to sit down and finish a page, no matter how it looks like in the end.
Having a small glass of Honey flavoured Jack Daniel probably also contributed to me daring myself to get over my inspiration drought… though after one glass, that vile liquor will forever remain in my cabinet, never to be opened unless I have nothing else to drink. Ugh.