Ever since I came back from Japan, I’ve had an artist block.
The more I try to think about it, the harder it was for me to pinpoint the specific factors that led to that.
Outside of visiting family and really awesome pals like my long time TMNT friend Sakan and her fellow TMNT enthusiasts, it was actually rather stressful.

While Japan itself was wonderful and its culture was admirable, I realized while being there that I probably wasn’t prepared mentally to travel like that for so long.
When I came back from Japan (with no less than 25 video games in my luggage), I found myself appreciating what I had here in Montreal more than I ever did.
I embraced everything from the comfort of my bed to the scent of my apartment.

I guess I simply wasn’t ready to be away from my comfort zone for too long.
A week maybe, but two weeks? That was enough for me to get homesick.

Maybe this unfamiliar feeling of homesickness was what led me to drop everything and do other things that were equally as time consuming as drawing, such as:
-cook a lot more to eat better
-spend more time with friends
-clean apartment more often
-sleep earlier and longer
-more gym

I’m starting to get out of this phase of readjustment and slowly and gradually, I’ll sketch new pages of Gaiden again.
Now’s also a great time to review how I draw, to be more efficient.

I had an artist block, but I’m getting out of it gradually.