Hello readers,

Sorry for the loooong absence.
It’s been more than a year since I last updated MNT Gaiden.

What was first an artist block then became a long hiatus with me trying to improve my quality of life.
I was by no means in a bad position in my life, I was just wondering if things could be better or different.

I tried a few times to force myself back into the project, but it only led to some frustration, time wasting and a few scrapped ideas and pages.

For most parts, I was taking some time to sit back and just think about everything on my own, but not too much either.
It was probably the much needed me-time that was missing from my personal growth.

This phase is over now, and I’m back in the action.
I’ll continuously keep trying to find ways to better integrate this project in my every day life, so it can keep going till the very end.
Thanks for your support!