Raphael Hamato
The hot-headed MNT with anger issues and drinking problems.
Donatello Hamato
Cool and calculating MNT with passion for science.
Michelangelo Hamato
Comic relief and easy-going MNT. Left his life of novelist to live as a ninja once again.
Leonardo Hamato
Former leader of the MNT, now a wandering “ronin” on a secret mission. Came back to New York after seventeen years in Japan.
April Jones
Longtime friend of the MNT, landlady of an apartment building. Occasionally acts as the voice of reason.
Casey Jones
Longtime friend of the MNT, landlord of an apartment building. Fights crime in New York as a masked vigilante wielding a baseball bat and golf clubs.
Shadow Jones
Daughter of Casey and April, though not related in blood. Also fights crime in New York as a masked vigilante.
Renoir (a.k.a Augustus Amherst)
New recruit and newbie of the group. Constantly seeks the truth about his origins and his true identity.
Davianna Wallace
Japanese girl, close friend of Renoir and Shadow.
Maxwell Amherst
Former scientist who collected Raphael’s blood 17 years ago and did some experiments with it.
Clara Amherst
Teacher in a private school.
Carole Amherst
Kind hearted but naive kindergartner who is very attached to Renoir, whom she strongly believes to be her late brother, Augustus.
Old friend of the MNT. Policeman by day, vigilante by night.
Tony Howard
Dutiful policeman who discovered Donatello’s secret agenda.
Eva Campbell
Rookie policewoman who worked closely with Tony. Is prone to panic and irrational reactions.
Marion Campbell
Eva’s little sister and Shadow’s classmate.
Leader of the Japanese faction of the Foot Clan. Made peace with the MNT, but has now returned to New York on a secret mission.
“Elite Foot Ninja”
The only survivor of a group of rogue elite foot ninjas that got silenced by Karai.
Splinter Hamato
Surrogate father to the MNT. Died trying to protect his sons from a cursed katana.